Interview With Youtube Star Shantania Beckford

Although she only burst unto the social media scene in 2015, model and influencer Shantania Beckford has already made her mark. Her natural beauty and bubbly personality has not only gained over 169,000 YouTube Subscribers (not to mention 119,000 Instagram followers), but a solid hard-core fan base, who love her authentic presence.

Fashion Fair UK were honoured to collaborate with Shantania a couple of weeks ago, when we invited her to an exclusive photoshoot. While she modelled our latest Rhapsody collection, we had to know more about this inspirational role model, her beauty hacks and how her overnight success came about …

  • What inspired you to start your YouTube/Social media channel(s)? What drove you to create and share content with others?
    1. I created YouTube as a way to express myself, focus my energy into making something productive and to escape from hardships of life. It started off as bit of fun and took off from there.
  • What is it about your blogging/vlogging style that you think makes your followers come and stay?
    1. The fact that I am REAL! I say it how it is and I always stay true to myself. I think I make people laugh and feel better after watching my videos. I just like spreading positivity and good vibes and I guess my followers dig that.


  • As a young woman of colour living in the UK, what message do you want to give to all your young fans that aspire to be like you?

    1. I would tell them to aspire to be better versions of themselves. Not to be like me. I feel like when people want to be like others, you start to be critical of your own self. Even more so when you aren’t getting it right. You have to be yourself, work on yourself and be happy within yourself. I am here to inspire people to be better versions, to improve and to grow!


  • What has been your biggest challenge in this industry so far?  What challenges do you think young women of colour have today?

My biggest challenge is getting recognition. I feel like because I am different compared to more social media influencers, people don’t know how to receive me. My unpredictability and unusual approaches. The challenge we have today as women of colour is equality. Other social media influencers of different colours get paid more than us, they feature more on brands social media platforms. It’s even hard to find our own foundation shades.

  • If you could give one piece of beauty advice/secret, what would it be?
    1. Remove your makeup before you sleep! Keep your skin clean! Let it breathe from time to time!! Also smile more. Be happy!!


  • If you had to only wear one beauty product, what would it be?
    1. Moisturiser!! Saves my skin! Makes me look healthy


  • What’s your favourite product from the RHAPSODY Collection?
       The purple blush!! Omg such a statement!!!

  • Your skin always looks glowing in your videos and photos. What’s your skincare routine?
    1. Well thank you. I wash my face with Murad Cleanser, Tone with Olay and moisturise with Environ AVST Moisturiser!  I have YouTube videos on skin care too


  • Our key message at Fashion Fair (especially to women of colour) is to be unapologetically bold and unabashedly beautiful. What does this mean to you?
    1. It means being yourself and not apologising for it! Embracing who you are even if it doesn’t meet the standards of beauty that social media portrays!!


  • In an ideal world, where do you see yourself/your vlog in 5 years’ time?
    1. Being an amazing ambassador for my country (Jamaica). To be successful definitely in my own businesses, but to also help others in some type of way! I want to be able to help change lives!


You can follow Shantania Beckford at:

YouTube: Shantania Beckford
Instagram: @shantania_beckford
Snapchat: @shantaniab
Twitter: @ShantaniaBeckfd

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